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Posted by upbeat | Posted in Health & Well Being | Posted on October 27, 2008

Dumfries & Galloway Secondary Schools Question Time Event

27th October, 2008     Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries

An excellent event in Dumfries for young people (S3-6) was held today at the Easterbrook Hall. In celebration of 60 years of free healthcare through the National Health Service, students from Dumfries & Galloway schools were invited to give their considered views on how the NHS might best meet a range of challenges in the future. Professor Phil Hanlon (Glasgow University) led a stimulating and entertaining session in the morning where the young people were encouraged to discuss and share their thoughts on a variety of scenarios and issues. Professor Hanlon praised the participants for the depth of their thinking, ideas and insight. ‘Roving’ microphones manned by organisers John Glover and David Mackie allowed students to share their thoughts with all 100 school representatives. Education Chairperson Sandra McDowall welcomed all to the event and Schools’ Service Director Colin Grant gave an introduction to the day and to Professor Hanlon.

After a buffet lunch, a Question Time event was held with an expert panel chaired by Superintendent Kate Thomson (Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary). Students were given the opportunity to raise some interesting and challenging questions following on from their deliberations in the morning. This was an excellent event for both young (and not so young) where ‘pupil voice’ was given a serious hearing. Young people attending the event reported that they really valued the opportunity to give their views on such important matters.

Excellent materials were provided for all participants including a booklet ‘Scotland’s Road to Health’ celebrating 60 years of health improvement. In this booklet I recognised Mr Happy Smile from my Primary 1 days; reminding me of the dental health programme I took part in at Carolside School, Renfrewshire in 1963!

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