In a far away distant galaxy……….


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Astronomers using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) have measured the distance to the most remote galaxy so far, UDFy-38135539, existing (we are told) when the Universe was only about 600 million years old. At this early time, it is thought that much of the Universe was was filled with a hydrogen fog that absorbed the fierce ultraviolet light from young galaxies. Astronomers believe they have spotted the oldest galaxy ever seen. Their report confirms that the distant smudge first spotted by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope is the farthest and thus oldest object ever imaged.

Visit from teachers and students from Gifhorn


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Following a very successful visit in 2009 by Dumfries & Galloway Schools’ Regional Youth Choir to Dumfries’s twin town of Gifhorn (near Hannover and Braunschweig), students and staff from the Humboldt Gymnasium, Gifhorn visited Dumfries in December 2010. The weather for the visit was very wintry and unfortunately a planned visit to Edinburgh for the group had to be cancelled due to snow. However, the Gifhorn group’s visit was very successful, one highlight being the young German students rehearsing and performing with students from Dumfries & Galloway in the annual Christmas Carol Concert at the Crichton Church in Dumfries.



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