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Norman in great form telling me about his school days!

Norman in great form telling me about his school days!

Went round to Norman’s for lunch today after filming ‘Celtic Connections’ performances this morning in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. We also did a bit of birdwatching (large buzzard in the garden!). Had a bit of catch up, and discussed his latest film, KJB. Norman gave me a copy of the DVD which I’ve watched already – really enjoyed it, interesting, entertaining true story of how the King James Bible came into being, 400 years ago in 1611.

Norman agreed today to putting himself in front of the camera for a clip I hope to include in a teacher professional development film I’m making on ‘Transitions’. He recalled a few of his experiences as a young lad in school when moving school or changing teachers. A great storyteller –  very amusing!

Norman’s ‘Shadowlands’ for BBC1 in the 1980s gained him two Bafta awards, an International Emmy, and the Prague D’Or for Best Director. Other awards include a Bafta for the Omnibus special on the life of Dudley Moore, “After the Laughter”. He won a Golden Remi for his first feature film “Man Dancin'”, which he created and directed in his home town of Glasgow. Recently Norman’s BBC1 costume drama ”Florence Nightingale” won an award for Best Historical Short Film at the 2010 New York International Film Festival. I’m pleased to say I had the pleasure of contributing to this in a very small way, helping out with composition / arrangements of the music for the Music Hall link scenes. And I greatly enjoyed working with Norman on the production of an educational DVD, ‘A Musical Mystery Tour’ (2006).

His latest film, KJB, The Book That Changed the World, tells a very extraordinary true story.

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