A familiar tune in the Chinese take-away


Posted by upbeat | Posted in Creativity, New Music Compositions | Posted on March 13, 2011

Twenty years ago I remember getting a shock as I waited for my Chinese meal to be prepared in the local take-away in Market Street, St Andrew’s in Fife. The TV was playing a tune I knew really well, but for a moment, I just couldn’t think what it was. A glance at the TV screen reminded me instantly I’d actually composed and recorded it, one of several tunes I’ve been lucky enough to have had used on TV or radio. It was a surreal experience to be standing waiting in a Chinese take-away with my music playing away in the background. I don’t have an actual recording of the news theme I wrote and recorded with Wet Wet Wet programmer Ian Morrow 20 years ago in 1991, but by the miracle of the internet I’ve found a clip featuring the theme with a youthful BBC News Presenter, Jackie Bird.

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