Scotland Decides


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One day to go as we lead up to the Scottish Referendum. Don’t ask me why, but I decided last night to write a piece of music for piano which I’ve unimaginatively entitled ‘Scotland Decides’. I’m not saying which way I’ll be voting, just that I will be. It will be probably be a very narrow contest, with delighted and disappointed voters almost in equal measure. Whatever the outcome, let’s move forward carefully considering the feelings of all.

Here’s my piece ‘Scotland Decides’

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What a talent

Great to see something positive, creative arising from this struggle of ideas. Somebody should document all the compositions and other artworks that have arisen out of this referendum period.

Thanks Eddie, I’ve now ‘upgraded’ the piece, i.e. changed the tempo (Tom Newman, ‘Tubular Bells’ producer’s suggestion(!!) and also sorted a couple of duff notes. I’ve had an offer from William Neal (ELP sleeve designer) to link it to one of his artworks – exciting! So as we move on post referendum, it’s now called ‘Mood Indigo’.

Thanks Phil, hope to catch up with you soon. Either here or in Oz!!

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