Science video conference lessons in Penpont Primary School with Heather Reid


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Today was a beautiful day to drive from Dumfries up to Penpont and observe the 18th of 18 video conference lessons Heather Reid has delivered live and interactive from the Glasgow Science Centre in recent weeks. 10 schools have been involved in this project in partnership with the Glasgow Science Centre and already I’ve been discussing with Heather further plans for developing learning and teaching through video-links. The teachers and pupils have made a great success of this opportunity with Heather. It’s now important to take time to review progress and fully evaluate how we can develop pedagogy in this new area of distance learning. One thing we can say though. It works!!

Seminar panel via video link with Ottawa University


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I’m looking forward to taking part on Friday 28th May as a seminar panel member over video-link at the 2010 International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Music Pedagogy at Ottawa University. I’ll be participating in the symposium entitledTechnology: Electronic Technology and its Transformative Role in Music Teaching and Learning’.

The attached you tube link features a chat I had with Stephen Heppell following a lesson we observed with young people receiving instrumental brass lessons via video link.


The links below may be of interest to delegates at the Ottawa Conference. The first link below provides an executive summary of Warwick University’s evaluation of our video teaching programme.   (page 12)

New HD video conferencing installations in Dumfries & Galloway


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VC at Carsphairn

On the last day of March the weather again is very poor in Dumfries & Galloway, however not enough to dampen enthusiasm at further HD video conference installations. First visit of the day was to Carsphairn Primary. A good chat with Margaret regarding possibilities that video conferencing brings for pupils in the school. One or two other exciting ideas discussed!

VC at Kelloholm

Cross country from Carsphairn through the snow via Moniaive, Penpont and Thornhill, the installation team receive an enthusiastic welcome from Angela at Kelloholm Primary School. The school is now ready to move forward with their new HD kit. Good to have Graeme with us today (visiting from New Zealand) taking a keen interest in our HD video conference installations.

HD Video Conferencing in Primary Schools


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The weather today has been atrocious, with heavy falls of snow across Scotland. Dumfries & Galloway got off lightly, with wind and driving rain. And down at Drummore today, the waves crashed over onto the road (and my car) as I made my way to Scotland’s most south-westerly school.

An informal training session today in Drummore Primary School on their new High Definition Video Conference system.
An informal training session today in Drummore Primary on the new High Definition Video Conference system.

Today saw the installation of new HD video conference kit in Whithorn and Drummore Primary Schools. Tomorrow, other rurally isolated primary schools in Carsphairn and Kelloholm will receive their new systems. Young people in these schools will be able to receive instrumental music lessons on site over High Definition Video Conferencing. Teachers will be able to ‘attend’ twilight CPD sessions without leaving their schools; and schools are encouraged to use their new systems as a window on the world for a wide range of learning purposes. Already Whithorn Primary have specific plans to link with Georgetown Primary School in the Cayman Islands. Young people in Langholm Primary will soon be linking with peers on the remote island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. And secondary students in Douglas Ewart High School (Newton Stewart) are actively planning to hook up with fellow students in Lapland, in Finland’s most northerly secondary school.

School communities are only limited by their individual and collective imaginations as to what might be possible. Watch this space for some amazing local, national and international collaborations!

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