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Great to spend time with Stephen Heppell last week as he shared his ideas and stimulated thinking with us in Dumfries & Galloway for a couple of days regarding Dumfries Learning Town plans and the exciting new build school in Dalbeattie. Had a good chat with him as we drove (roofless, open top in January!) back up to Glasgow Airport. And just yesterday, Stephen was chairing the first meeting of an Educational Technology Action Group (Etag) as the UK Government in London (with Michael Gove) look to develop a strategy for ICT in learning for schools, Further Education and universities. No challenge too large!!




Stephen Heppell’s visit to Dumfries & Galloway Schools


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On Thursday and Friday of this past week schools were delighted to have a visit from Professor Stephen Heppell. We’re very grateful for his support as we look to enhance learning through the use of mini iPads in certain schools. Pupil-led proposals from 18 schools were received for the use of mini iPads in learning and are now being considered by Stephen. During Thursday and Friday, he met with pupils in 5 schools, 4 in person and one over video conference. The outcomes of his deliberations are being eagerly anticipated!

Drummore Primary’s virtual lessons with Heather@Glasgow Science Centre


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This week, young people in Drummore Primary took part in water-based science experiments led by Heather Reid from the Glasgow Science Centre. Drummore School is one of ten Dumfries & Galloway schools involved in video conference science lessons delivered by Heather live from the Science Centre in Glasgow. Feedback from teachers and pupils has been really positive, with all participants totally engaged in the practical nature of learning in science. Drummore is Scotland’s most south-westerly school, located only a few miles from the beautiful Mull of Galloway.

Young people in Drummore are used to lessons via video-link. Since 2005, pupils in Drummore have received instrumental music lessons via video conference. In 2007, many pupils enjoyed live video sessions from London with Rod Franks (Principal Trumpet with the London Symphony Orchestra). In 2009, Professor Stephen Heppell paid them a visit to see how video conference lessons were progressing. Tomorrow, Professor Heppell is visiting Dumfries & Galloway again and we look forward to hearing his views on how learning & teaching using technology can be further developed.

Seminar panel via video link with Ottawa University


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I’m looking forward to taking part on Friday 28th May as a seminar panel member over video-link at the 2010 International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Music Pedagogy at Ottawa University. I’ll be participating in the symposium entitledTechnology: Electronic Technology and its Transformative Role in Music Teaching and Learning’.

The attached you tube link features a chat I had with Stephen Heppell following a lesson we observed with young people receiving instrumental brass lessons via video link.


The links below may be of interest to delegates at the Ottawa Conference. The first link below provides an executive summary of Warwick University’s evaluation of our video teaching programme.   (page 12)

Back to blogging


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Playing piano in Dumfries to an audience in Orlando (Nov. 2009)

Playing piano in Dumfries to an audience in Orlando (Nov. 2009)

I gave up blogging over a year ago, I doubt if anyone noticed  –  the world’s still turning and educational establishments are still open for business. Not one blog post in 2009, but after a YouTube skirmish last year with Stephen Heppell and Elliott Masie on Video Conferencing in schools, it’s now time to get on the blogging trail once more……….

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