Visit to Polycom Office in Beijing


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Polycom Office, Beijing, China

On Monday 2nd August I was delighted to pay a visit to the Polycom Office in Beijing where Hattie Tong very kindly gave me a full tour of the facilities. Teachers and students in Dumfries & Galloway schools in Scotland have found our Polycom video conference systems easy to use and very effective for learning and teaching.

I had a great chat with Hattie over a cup of coffee. And thanks Hattie, for taking these pictures!

I cannae keep up with this…….


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Just when I thought I was getting the hang of Wii Bowling or an easy level on Guitar Hero, it seems as though the opportunity is just around the corner for interacting with your computer game without the need to be attached to any form of controller, handset, board to stand on etc.

What might be the opportunities be for young people at various stages/needs of learning with this new technology? Does it sound too much like fun?

Do we need to teach technology in school?


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A rhetorical question for many teachers, but if you’re needing to be convinced on this, do take a moment to have a look a this video.

Gaming takes over the world


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Yes, confirmation, if needed, that computer games are taking over the world……..

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